この“Made in Kochi”のミュージカルをたくさんの人々に楽しんでいただきたいです。


GENKI Youth Association & the Tosa-ben Musical

Established in 1995, the GENKI Youth Association is a volunteer organisation primarily composed of JET Programme participants in Kochi Prefecture, Japan. The group has composed and performed an original musical annually, adapting stories from foreign cultures alongside local Japanese stories and historical figures. With the co-operation of Japanese volunteers and local communities, the musical is staged with the aim of increasing cross-cultural understanding through the arts.

In song and dance, the performers use "Tosa-ben", the Japanese dialect of Kochi. Our aim is not only to contribute to grass-roots internationalization, but also to increase appreciation for the unique local dialect. All participants of the musical are volunteers, and each year all aspects of the musical (the script, costumes, props etc) are produced from scratch.

Admission to our performances is free. After our performances we collect donations towards a study abroad scholarship fund for Kochi students (junior high, senior high and university level). Our aim is to support these bright leaders of our future to achieve a global education.

GENKI has also been awarded several awards; In 2005, GENKI was awarded with the Japan Foundation Citizens Award, for its contribution to improving Japan-global relations. The GENKI Tosa-ben Musical has attracted much attention as a highly unique internationalization project. In 2018, GENKI was given the Zenkoukai award for "international contribution".

Our hope is that many people will enjoy our "Made in Kochi" musical performances.

In 2015, we celebrate the 20th year of the GENKI musical project.
It's thanks to the support of the community we have achieved this milestone, and we look forward to your continued support!